The Ocean Floor
One moment in time capturing another moment in time (featuring Anne Elliott)

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The Ocean Floor

The Ocean Floor
On the ocean floor, you will be ignored (featuring Rachel Doe)

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The Ring

The Ring
A single from the lockdown. It won't cheer you up.

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The Other Side

The Other Side
A single featuring Rachel Doe. She belts it out.

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Two songs that will make you long for something you never had.

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Short Wave
Four songs stolen through a rift in the space/time continuum.

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Apohadion, Portland Maine, Feb 2 2019

Flask, Portland Maine, Feb 18 2019

Blue, Portland Maine, May 23 2019

Apohadion, Portland Maine, July 19 2019

Blue, Portland Maine, Nov 7 2019

Blue, Portland Maine, Feb 6 2020

Sun Tiki, Portland Maine, Mar 6 2020

Sun Tiki, Portland Maine, Sep 6 2021

Apohadion, Portland Maine, Feb 19 2022

Apohadion, Portland Maine, Jan 13 2023

Blue, Portland Maine, April 6 2023

Blue, Portland Maine, August 18 2023

5th Maine Museum, Peaks Island Maine, September 16 2023

Apohadion Theater, Portland Maine, Novemebr 26 2023

Ty Nepríjemný Zimní Koncert, Nová Vcelnice, Dec 31 2023

Limited Run. Only 20 left! shortwave
Pick one up at Bull Moose

Mike Dank - Drums and Percussion
Eric Eaton - Bass and Electronics
James Barr - Guitar
Chris Rohde - Pedal Steel Guitar
Anne Elliott - Vocals
Rachel Doe - Guest Vocals
Rachel Somerville - Guest Vocals

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