Short Wave
Four songs stolen through a rift in the space/time continuum.

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Two songs that will make you long for something you never had.

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Apohadion, Portland Maine, Feb 2 2019

Flask, Portland Maine, Feb 18 2019

Blue, Portland Maine, May 23 2019

Apohadion, Portland Maine, July 19 2019

Blue, Portland Maine, Nov 7 2019

Blue, Portland Maine, Feb 6 2020

Sun Tiki, Portland Maine, Mar 6 2020

Sun Tiki, Portland Maine, Sep 6 2021

Apohadion, Portland Maine, Feb 19 2022

Ty Nepríjemný Zimní Koncert, Nová Vcelnice, Dec 31 2022

Limited Run. Only 20 left! shortwave
Pick one up at Bull Moose

Mike Dank - Drums and Percussion
Eric Eaton - Bass and Electronics
James Barr - Guitar
Chris Rohde - Pedal Steel Guitar
Rachel Doe - Guest Vocals
Rachel Somerville - Guest Vocals
Anne Elliott - Guest Vocals

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